Apple now lets App Store apps send ads through push notifications

Today, Apple updated its App Store review guidelines, which tell developers what they can and can't do with the apps they put on the App Store. First spotted by 9to5Mac, today's update includes a handful of important changes.

For starters, apps can now use push notifications to deliver advertisements, but the user will need to provide explicit consent to push notification advertising. The apps also need to offer a method to opt out of the advertising within the app, so you shouldn't be bothered by this new capability.

On the other hand, apps that use notifications to ask users to review the app now have to use the API provided by Apple for that purpose. Custom review prompts won't be allowed anymore.

Apple is also clamping down on apps that add to saturated categories, such as apps that include a flashlight, burp noises, fortune-telling features, or dating capabilities. Saying that the App Store has "enough" of these apps already, the company claims that you'll need to provide a high-quality, unique experience in order to have your app approved. Spamming the App Store with this kind of app could mean you'll be removed from the developer program.

Apple also notes that apps and app updates must be built using the iOS 13 SDK from April 30. Likewise, Sign In with Apple needs to be implemented on the same date, assuming the app also allows other third-party login methods, such as Facebook or Google. Currently, 70% of all iPhones are already on iOS 13, and 57% of iPads are on iPadOS 13. Narrowing that down to devices released in the past for years, the adoption rate is 77% for iOS 13 and 7% for iPadOS 13.

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