Apple rises to second in smartphone shipping

Ever since the iPhone launched back in June 2007 it has remained one of the most popular smartphones on the market due to the functionality of the device, but latest smartphone shipping reports say that they have raised their game and put themselves into second. Apple will say that this is down to the massive sales of the 3G device that was released in July 2008.

In the last quarter 39.9 million smartphones were shipped around the world and Nokia was the leading vendor but Apple took a massive gain by taking 17.3% of the market which took them into second place replacing RIM (Research in Motion) who are most known for shipping the Blackberry devices but time will tell if Apple can keep that gain due to RIM shipping some new models of the Blackberry that could be very popular amongst the buying public. Microsoft themselves could say they had a positive quarter as their shipping increased by 42%.

If you were to take the shipping figures posted by Canalys and look at them by OS you would see that Symbian is still the most popular amongst the users and that Apple and RIM are challenging them for that top spot.

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