Apple's iTunes Store currently down for PC and Mac users [Update]

Users who want to download the latest movies, music and podcast from Apple's iTunes store for your Mac or PC might have a small problem right about now. Engadget reports that all content in the iTunes Store is currently inaccessible for users of the PC and Mac iTunes application. There's no word, at least not yet, if this issue affects users of iTunes for the iPhone, iPod Touch or iMac.

This outage also seems to affect download of Mac apps and iOS apps as well. So far there's no word from Apple about what might be causing this issue but we will keep you up to date when this hopefully brief situation is fixed.

This error, ironically, comes on the eve of Apple's big keynote announcements at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco on June 6. Apple is expected to announce major updates to its Mac OS X operating system along with updates for its portable iOS platform. The big news is supposed to be the official reveal of the iCloud service which is supposed to give iTunes users a way to listen to their iTunes music library without having to actually download the music file to your device. Apple CEO Steve Jobs, officially still on medical leave from the company, is expected to appear on stage at the WWDC to present the keynote and give the audience more info on these project. He might also have one or two of his patented "one more thing" surprises up his sleeve.

Update - It looks like things are back up to speed and the PC and Mac iTunes software can access the iTunes Store once again.

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