RIAA sponsored web theft bill passed in Tennessee

If you live in Tennessee and share your login credentials for Netflix, watch out. The Associated Press is reporting that State lawmakers in the home to country music have passed a bill that would make it illegal to share login credentials. The measure was originally designed to prevent thieves from selling login credentials in bulk for services such as Netflix, iTunes, and Rhapsody.

The bill, which is now law after being signed by the governor, is an attempt to curtail what the music and movie industry describes as billions of dollars lost yearly to illegal sharing of media. Creators of the bill acknowledge that it may have consequences for the everyday user though. This did not stop the recording and movie industry officials from pushing the bill through.

Officials are insisting that this would not have any affects on people within the same household that use another’s account to watch movies via services such as Netflix, but people who live in dormitories, or apartments who share outside of their immediate family may be targeted by this law.

Offenders that share $500 or less would face a misdemeanor charge with a fine of up to $2,500 and / or a year in jail. Offenders that go over $500 could face grand theft charges, which could mean more serious consequences.

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