Apple's Safari on the rise, up 4.67% since 2006

Over the last few years, Microsoft Internet Explorer has seen huge loses in market share. In the final month of 2008, the trend continued. Internet Explorer has dropped 16% in market share since May of 2006, which has left the door open for other browsers to gain what Internet Explorer has lost. In the month of December 2008, Apple's Safari hit a all-time high closing with 7.93% of the market share. Internet Explorer closed the year with 68.15% of the total market share. The data collected by researchers was collected from 40,000 corporate and e-commerce websites.

While Internet Explorer still holds the biggest majority of the market, if this steep decline continues who will take over the majority of the market? Can Internet Explorer 8 bring back some of the 16% it has lost over the past 2 years? Analysts are skeptical, but only time will tell.

Net Applications' December 2008 Web Browser Stats:
Microsoft Internet Explorer: 68.15% (vs. MAY 2006: 84.20%)
Mozilla Firefox: 21.34% (vs. MAY 2006: 10.55%)
Apple Safari: 7.93% (vs. MAY 2006: 3.26%)
- iPhone: 0.44%
- iPod: 0.08%
Google Chrome: 1.04%
Opera: 0.71%
Netscape: 0.57%
Mozilla: 0.08%
Opera Mini: 0.07%
Playstation: 0.04%
ACCESS NetFront: 0.02%
Blazer: 0.01%
Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer: 0.01%
BlackBerry: 0.00%

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