Are more users buying apps on WP7 than iOS?

The blogging community is clearly desperate for Microsoft to give out some indication as to how well Windows Phone 7 is doing. We've had reports telling us that WP7 isn't selling so well, and that Android is outselling WP7 by a ratio of 15-1. Of course, we've also had the opposite – with reports that WP7 units are hard to come by (with Microsoft even holding off its employee phone purchase until the public get their share). The latest of these articles is from, and takes a look at WP7 from a different angle.

The article looks at a recent Techcrunch interview with iTotsApps, who make an application called "Toddler Flashcards". In the interview, iTotsApps state that they're selling 7.5 copies of their application per day in the WP7 Marketplace, whilst they're selling 71.5 per day in the App Store. With a little thought and analysis, it's quickly obvious sales are numerically higher on iOS, but the application is selling phenomenally better on WP7 (comparing active users to sales).

But what does this actually mean? believes that it's an indication that apps are selling better, in general, on WP7 than on iOS devices. However, these sales results could be the result of a variety of factors such as user demographics (currently unknown) or competition (which is clearly lower on the WP7 Marketplace) – especially given that we're talking about one application, from one vendor.

Whatever you would like to believe, it's safest to wait until we get some clear statistics from Microsoft or at least a variety of vendors before making judgements on the marketplace. In the meantime, stories like this should be used only as discussion starters – not evidence.

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