ArmA III pre-orders start; buyers can play alpha version now

Bohemia Interactive's long awaited third game in their military shooter series, ArmA III, is now available for pre-order on Steam. However, the folks who jump in early to get the game can start playing an early alpha version of ArmA III right now via the pre-order.

The Steam ArmA III page shows a regular version of ArmA III on sale for $32.99, which lets users get access to the alpha, beta and full game, The $49.99 Digital Deluxe version has that same content but will add some extras when the final version of ArmA III is released. It also lets people download a free version of ArmA: Cold War Assault, the first game from Bohemia Interactive (previously known as Operation Flashpoint).

So what do you get to play in the alpha version of ArmA III right now? A trailer shows the playable content contained in the alpha, which has several "showcase" missions; a ground infantry mission, a SCUBA mission, a ground vehicles mission and a helicopter showcase. Alpha players can send in their comments and feedback to the development team so they can get a better idea of how to move on with development of the game into its beta and final versions.

Source: Steam

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