Nokia rumored to land Instagram as an exclusive WP app

Nokia has done a fantastic job at differentiating its product with bright colors and by also creating exclusive apps for its products that you can’t get on any other Windows Phone.

Knowing that Nokia loves exclusive applications, a new rumor from WPdang, who gets about two-thirds of these types of things right, is stating that Instagram, the popular photo application on iOS and Android, is coming to Windows Phone but as a Nokia exclusive.

If this turns out to be true, it could be a huge win for Nokia as Instagram has been a thorn in the side of Microsoft because the app is highly desired by many of its users. If Nokia does nab this as an exclusive app, we suspect it would likely be a timed exclusive.

In addition, WMpoweruser states that they have been watching the Instagram job boards for some time and have yet to see them put out any listings for a Windows Phone developer. If true, it’s likely that a third party has built the application, much like the recently released Twitter app.

No word on when the application will be released but we hope that it's soon as who knows how long Instagram will stay popular.

Source: WPdang | Via: WMPoweruser

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