Asian Hellgate: London character wipe averted!

The other day it was announced that a character wipe for the Asian version of Hellgate: London (run by IAH Games) was needed, and there was no way around it. Well it seems that a disaster has been avoided, and it was announced today that a character wipe will not be needed now. Indeed, the issues with missing characters and skills among other things will be fixed by a Patch 0.1 release, and IAH Games worked with Flagship Studios to avoid the need to nuke everyones demon slayer. Here is what "Angelance" had to say on the IAH forums about the announcement:

We are elated at getting the green light from Flagship Studios to announce that there will NOT need to be a character wipe.

Flagship Studios have investigated the major character issues, including missing skills and statistics, and have found methods to resolve them. They will also be performing a server upgrade to Patch 0.1 for our game service, making it equivalent to what the US gamers are enjoying now.

In the process to do this, we are looking at completing all these improvements by 22nd November, 2007.

We are also working closely with Hanbitsoft and Flagship Studios on a program to reward our gamers for the patience and perseverance shown during the recent turn of events. Please do stay updated to the forum for more news from your community manager, Angelace.

So, all my fellow Asian Hellgate: London players, enjoy your characters now. Since you will be able to keep them!

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