Asus announce fastest smartphone

Today Asus announced a new smartphone coming on the market very soon and they claim it will be the fastest out there. The Smartphone itself will be running a 800mhz Marvell processor that will allow anyone who wants to use it for quite intensive processes be able to do achieve what they want without the need of worrying because there's a lack of speed, the device also comes with a nice sized screen as well (2.8 inch 480 X 640 Touch Screen).

In terms of connectivity the smartphone has 3G, GPRS and Edge and if those are never present around where you do business then you can take advantage of the built in Wi-Fi (802.11b/g). Looking at the back of the phone there is a 3MP camera which by these days is quite weak but then again this device is not for someone who uses a mobile alot for cameras, to store those pictures and videos recorded there is a SD Memory slot. Battery life is also important and its set at 3 Hours talk time and 250 Hours Stand-By Time. Asus though at this time have not set a release date for the device.

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