ATI crashes prices on new X1600

ATI ISSUED a cheerful press release which publicly claimed a heavy price reduction on the new X1600 series. As of now, the new Radeon X1600XT with 256 Megs of GDDR-3 video memory is priced at $179 or Euro, down from $249/Euro. This is a big dent in price and lowering itself under Nvidia's radar named 6800GS, which demolished the Red Team's board in previous reviews.

Now, the product is somewhat equally priced to GeForce 6600GT with 256 Megs of GDDR-3 memory, which are rare as hen's teeth. However, we hear news of Nvidia's new MSRP of $199/Euro for its 6800GS, in both AGP and PCIe version, whenever the AGP version arrives. The lower part of mainstream market is covered by the new Radeon X1600Pro, which is available for 129 dollars/Euros if the model is equipped with 256MB of DDR-II memory.


News source: The Inq
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