ATI's Pentium 4 RS300 is a chipset miracle

THE ATI RS300 chipset is getting closer to being a reality and we've dug up some extra details about it.Partners reckon that this is going to be a very fast Pentium 4 chipset indeed.The RS300 will support front side bus (FSB) 800 and below Pentium 4 CPUs and it will use a dual DDR 400 memory controller just like the recently introduced Canterwood i875P.

Unlike the name suggests, the graphics chipset won't use the R300 as a basis, but instead will feature Radeon 9200 aarchitecture which is a pretty decent DirectX 8.1 marchitecture for a motherboard.

This chipset will be integrated graphics chipset only since Intel wont license ATI to use it chipset in its non-integrated variations. The good thing for ATI is that it has practically no competition here, as Intel graphics is not even close to competing with anything ATI produces, especially not the RV280/ Radeon 9200 that's inside.

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