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Aust employers crack down on staff surfing

Policies, monitoring and checking-up on employee's Internet surfing, are increasingly on the agenda for Australian businesses, according to one industry analyst.

Research from industry analyst Gartner (US) found that as much as 40 percent of employee Web use was not business-related.

This finding was supported by a survey released by Employee Internet Management (EIM) software vendor Websense earlier this month, which found that lost productivity and bandwidth are two of the effects of employee Internet usage.

When ZDNet Australia spoke to Gartner's research director, Steve Bittinger, he said that organisations in Australia varied in their approach to monitoring and controlling use of the Internet in the workplace.

"Organisations overly concerned with security are probably [those] that aren't as experienced in security," Bittinger said, adding that those which had invested in creating a higher level of security were more likely to understand the threats and have processes in place to competently and confidently deal with those.

News source: ZDnet

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