Behind the Slashdot phenomenon

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Nearly five years ago, a 21-year-old computer-science nerd named Rob Malda made his first postings on a Web site known as Slashdot. Little did he know at the time--those messages marked the beginning of what would become an Internet phenomenon.

Malda, who goes by the alias "CmdrTaco," today oversees a must-read Web site for anyone trying to read the collective pulse of the tech industry. The site features reposted links to news stories about technology from around the Web. At the same time, functions as a no-holds-barred community sounding board where readers post some 7,000 comments every day, offering their opinions and analyses on issues du jour.

"It's sort of evolved over the years to include topics like Linux, open source, rights the people have on the Internet, and also more silly stuff of a somewhat geeky nature, like 'Star Wars,' maybe 'Tron,' Lego," Malda said. "You know, whatever--it's a pretty wide subject matter.

News source: ZDnet

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