Battlefield 2 1.41 FULL Patch Released

EA has just released the promised 1.41 patch for the still very popular Battlefield 2 multiplayer slugfest. The patch fixes one single "intermittent sever side crash bug" on the server side, and there is no client side changelog. But EA has only released a full 536 monster update here, there is no incremental patch folks. More than likely the "intermittent server side crash" is the only bug they fixed in this patch for both servers and clients, and were to lazy to make a smaller incremental patch available. Then again, maybe not. Who knows.

536 megs in this day and age isn't really that much now is it? So who am I kidding, all the BF2 players, myself included will download the patch and happily install it, so yeah. GG EA.

There is a separate patch for clients and servers, but I won't link the server patch, since it is listed on most of the links I will list anyway. All you need to is go to the server page to get that version of the patch. Also since there is no smaller patch, all links are to the full 536 meg monster of a patch:

Download: 3D Gamers | 3D Downloads | Filefront | Fileplanet | Fileshack | Gamershell | Internode Network
Download: Patch Scrolls | Strategy Informer | Worthplaying

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