Battlefield 2142 goes gold, the world rejoices

EA in the usual excited way has announced that Battlefield 2142 has gone gold and has been sent to that place all EA games get sent to for final approval and quality assurance. Another words, us. In any event, no date was given for release, just a general "it's done" and "it's been sent to be pressed to cd/dvd" type of thing. I'm sure a 600 meg patch will be out the day before release, well maybe 500 megs.
For the few of you who don't know, Battlefield 2142 is the next game in the Battlefield franchise and takes place, get this, in the year 2142. Earth has been messed up and lots of people are dead and we're all at war fighting for resources and other stupid things that don't matter because it's a game! The big "new" feature for the game are the big giant ED 209's, I mean Mechs that run around stepping on people in the game.
We are all doomed!
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