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Bing continuing to grow, gaining market share slowly

When Microsoft launched their new Bing decision engine not long ago, it brought in a lot of hype. It began with a surge of users, like most new launches do, but some expected it to be crushed back down by Google, the current leader in search. However, Microsoft is proving this wrong, and as Mashable is reporting, their engine is growing steadily, gaining market share from the aforementioned search giant.

Throughout July, Bing gained another 1.24% of market share, bringing the grand total to 9.41% so far, coming close to that of Yahoo! currently, before the Microsoft-Yahoo! search deal is in place. Interestingly though, this time Bing's gain didn't subtract from Yahoo!'s current standing; it was Google that lost out, going down in users by almost 1% over the month. Now, when Microsoft completes their deal with Yahoo!, and the former takes over the latter's search engine, they will control a pinch over 20% of the entire market (though keep in mind, these are statistics from StatCounter, and other websites may differ slightly).

We've included a chart of the last couple months, to show the trends of all the various companies and rivals:

Microsoft supporters (or perhaps Google haters) will be pleased with this, and we'll see in the coming months how Bing does during their battle in the search market.

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