Bing is the default search engine for OS X 10.10

At one point in time, Apple and Microsoft were like oil and water. The two companies would do anything to avoid using each other's technology, but times have changed since Google rode into town on its mighty Android horse. 

With Siri, Apple took a step in a new direction and chose Microsoft's Bing search engine to perform web queries and today, with the announcement of OS X 10.10, Apple's desktop OS will now use Bing for web searches.  

Microsoft confirmed this information to Geekwire, who spotted that Bing was being used in 10.10, a move which must please Microsoft. Of course, Microsoft and Apple have become much closer over the past few years as both companies despise Google and have come to the realization that the enemy of your enemy is your friend. 

Microsoft recently released a version of Office for the iPad, which will surely help move the iPad deeper into the enterprise space and demonstrate that Microsoft and Apple can work together effectively.

With Bing gaining more traction from OS X, Siri and Windows 8, the platform should start to see noticeable gains in market share as each of these platforms grows. For Microsoft, this is a strategic win as the more users searching with Bing, the more meta-data the company can obtain to help improve its search results and create a better product for the end user.

It's a good thing that Satya Nadella does not believe in selling off Bing, since being the default search engine on all major platforms means a huge strategic win for the search service.

Source: Geekwire

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