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Bing Predictions: Scotland will remain part of the UK [Update]

Scotland is about to vote on an extremely important topic; should they leave the United Kingdom and become and independent nation? For those who are not aware, Scotland and England have an extremely long history of pretty much hating each other. While in the modern age, they have put down their differences, the tension still remains in the DNA of Scotland. 

While the world waits for the country to vote, which occurs on Thursday, Bing thinks it already has the answer and is saying that Scotland will not vote for independence. For those who have been following the polls, they have all been very close to the 50% mark, for and against. 

This is a new use for Microsoft's prediction engine; it has already shown its accuracy with the World Cup and is also being used to predict NFL games too. But a countries vote for independence? That's a new one for the service and we will be curious to see if the outcome is correct.

For Microsoft, their prediction engine has helped push their search service into the spotlight and while the service may be legitimately useful for some activities, if nothing else, it is a fantastic marketing tool.

We won't have to wait long to see if Bing was correct as the announcement about the vote is expected to come on Friday.

Update: Bing Predicts was spot on. Scotland has voted "No" to Independence.

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