Bing takes a little more market share from Google

Microsoft's newest search engine, Bing, has gained a little more traction in the fight against Google's web search dominance. Bing took an 8.23% cut of US web searches for the month of June which is up from Microsoft's previous search engine which served only 7.81% percent of searches for May.

Microsoft is refusing to let Google win the online search wars and is promoting Bing with online and television advertisements. Microsoft is still investing heavily and the latest rumor is that it still considers partnering with Yahoo as a viable option to gain a stronger foothold in the search engine market.

Despite the small gain for Bing it is still trailing Google who took 78.48 percent of searches in the same time period. One contributing factor that keeps Google on top is that its innovative approach to incorporating its searches into email and other clients keeps users coming back to the search engine giant.

Despite still trailing far behind, Microsoft is committed to the long term viability of Bing. As Microsoft continues to try and take more market share from Google expect to see Bing incorporated into more Microsoft products.

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