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Boring lawsuit against Google dismissed

A lawsuit made by a couple who claim that Google's Street View violated their privacy, has been dismissed by a federal judge, according to BBC News.

Christine and Aaron Boring claimed that the photographs, taken from the foot of their driveway, were an invasion of privacy and trespassing. The couple said that the photographs had caused the couple "mental suffering" and diluted the value of their home. Mr and Mrs Boring sought $25,000 in damages.

In her 12-page decision, Judge Amy Reynolds Hay of US District Court for Western Pennsylvania wrote, "While it is easy to imagine that many whose property appears on Google's virtual maps resent the privacy implications, it is hard to believe that any - other than the most exquisitely sensitive - would suffer shame or humiliation."

Google provides procedures for removing pictures from Street View upon request. The Borings failed to take advantage of these procedures, a point not missed by Judge Reynolds Hay.

"The Borings do not dispute that they have allowed the relevant images to remain on Google Street View, despite the availability of a procedure for having them removed from view," she wrote.

"Furthermore, they have failed to bar others' access to the images by eliminating their address from the pleadings, or by filing this action under seal."

The Judge concluded, "The plaintiffs' failure to take readily available steps to protect their own privacy and mitigate their alleged pain suggests to the Court that the intrusion and that their suffering were less severe than they contend."

The California based company said in a statement that it respects people's privacy and blurs identifiable faces and license plates caught by one of Google's camera cars and provides tools to request the removal of pictures from Street View.

They said, "It is unfortunate the parties involved decided to pursue litigation instead of making use of these tools."

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