Bungie signs 10-year exclusive deal with Activision

Bungie and Activision have announced they are to enter into a 10-year exclusive partnership. All new Bungie games based on new intellectual property in the 10-year period will be published and distributed worldwide by Activision on multiple platforms and devices. 

Bungie will stay an independent company from Activision and will remain owners of their intellectual property. Further details of the agreement were not given at the time of the announcement. 

President of Bungie, Harold Ryan, said the two companies had been working over the past 9 months on the agreement. "We chose to partner with Activision on our next IP because of their global reach, multi-platform experience and marketing expertise."

Bungie has not had a similar partnership since it split from Microsoft in 2007, shortly after the release of Halo 3. 

The announcement comes after another Activision partnership with Infinity Ward has gone sour. The two former heads of Infinity Ward were fired as well as 38 current and former employees filing a $125 million lawsuit claiming they are owed royalties and bonuses.  

Bungie's next major release will be Halo: Reach, expected this Fall. 

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