BUSTED! Breaks door down starts yellin, that kinda stuff

Well, that same little bird that has been updating The C-A-D with the latest news about the FBI piracy busts has a sad story to tell. He himself has been raped of his computer, accessories and many, many other possessions.

The guy in question (now anonymous of course) was one of those 60+ people they searched in "Operation Buccaneer".

This is what he had to say about the experience:

    They seized all my possessions:

  • 2 Computers and multiple non-functioning pcs and parts

  • 3000 CDs and floppy disks (collected through out 20+ years)

  • 50+ VHS tapes (all over 10+ years old of movies and TV shows)

  • 200 CD Jewel cases

  • VHS Player and Capturing devices

  • 100 blank cd spindle

  • and a 19" Monitor
He goes on to say: "I have admitted to downloading copywrited material and creating video cds for a hobby. The search warrant that was issued to me was blank, just had my address and a judges signature. Was told it was only the cover sheet and they left the real warrant at the station by mistake."

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News source: The C-A-D

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