Buy a Galaxy S III, get tickets to the 2012 Olympics ... maybe

If you live in London, it's likely that you know that the 2012 Summer Olympics is going to be held in your neck of the woods in a few months. Perhaps you would like to go attend some of the events like the 100 meter dash or the weightlifting or the synchronized swimming events. Well, if you have pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy S III, you might have a chance to do just that.

Android Central reports that it has received an email from Samsung announcing a little event when the Android 4.0 smartphone is launched on May 29th. The company will hold an event that evening at its London branded store. If you happen to have pre-ordered the Galaxy S III from that store, you should get an invite to come to the event to purchase it.

The kicker? The first 50 people in line who received the invite will not only be able to buy the Galaxy S III, but they will also get free tickets to the 2012 London Olympic Games. That's a pretty sweet deal. Even if you don't care about synchronized swimming, you could likely sell off those tickets to someone who does to compensate for the purchase of the phone.

Oh, and the Galaxy S III does happen to be the "official" phone of the 2012 Olympics so this is the kind of cross promotion we would expect.

Source: Android Central

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