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Capcom hack potentially compromises personal data of customers and partners

Capcom revealed today a recent ransomware attack that compromised personal and corporate information stored on its servers. The Japanese video game publisher confirmed that a criminal group calling itself Ragnar Locker was responsible for the attack.

The incident has affected the personal information of former and current employees, including names, signatures, and passport data. Some of the corporate data compromised include sales reports, business partner information, and development documents.

Additionally, the attack may have put up to 350,000 pieces of personal information at risk. These include customer service video game support help desk information in Japan, personal data of e-sports operations website members and Capcom store member information in North America, as well as the private information of shareholders.

Capcom reiterates that no credit card information has been compromised since all online transactions are managed by a third-party service provider. The company says it continues to investigate the incident and has contacted all individuals who have been affected by the attack.

The video game studio noticed the incident on November 2 after it detected connectivity issues with its internal network. Capcom is currently working with law enforcement authorities in Japan and the U.S. to address the matter and has tapped a third-party security company to assess the damage from the attack. It also plans to create an advisory board that will ensure no similar incident will occur in the future.

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