Chrome currently fastest browser, according to benchmark

Futuremark, the company known for its benchmarking software, has released a new version of its Peacekeeper software that's made specifically to test the performance of web browsers. This new version has been made to use the latest HTML5 standards. The program can be used on any Internet connected device which means browsers on the PC, Mac, smartphones and tablets can be measured.

Futuremark states that since the first version of the Peacekeeper was released in March 2009, the program has tested 3140 different browser versions. While Apple's Safari browser was the fastest when the benchmark launched, Futuremark says that Safari is now the slowest of the web browsers that are tested on the PC and Mac platform. Google's Chrome has been the fastest web browser tested on Peacekeeper since May 2009 for the PC and Mac. However, it notes that the Opera web browser has been closing the speed gap.

The most popular web browser among those who have used Peacekeeper is Mozilla's Firefox. Nearly 30 percent of all of the software's benchmark results come from versions of Firefox.

In terms of their browser performance, Apple's iPad 2 is the fastest among tablets and smartphones, according to Peacekeeper. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet is second followed by the Acer Iconia W500 in third place, Apple's iPhone 4S in fourth place and the Samsung Galaxy S2 smartphone in fifth place.

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