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Statcounter: Microsoft Edge holds 10.75% on the desktop browser market

Logos of five most popular desktop browsers

Statcounter has released its latest findings and number on the browser market. The July 2023 report shows no drastic changes, with all players remaining in their respective places. Google Chrome is the top dog, Safari is second, and Edge is third. Here are the details.

Disclaimer: Statcounter's reports are based on data gathered from more than 1.5 million websites. As a third-party analytics service, Statcounter cannot provide 100% accurate data. You can learn more about how Statcounter prepares its reports in the official FAQ.

According to Statcounter, in July 2023, Google Chrome reclaimed some of the previously lost numbers. In June 2023, the world's most popular desktop browser experienced a notable decline in its customer base, going down from 65.88% to 61.16%. However, Chrome climbed to 63.33% this month, gaining 2.17 points.

Apple Safari, the only browser available on one platform, macOS, is now at a 13.13% mark, -1.35 points compared with the previous month. Microsoft Edge is third, with its now-traditional market share slightly higher than 10%—10.75%. The next is Firefox with 5.96% (-0.08 points) and Opera with 4.51% (-0.8 points).

  1. Google Chrome - 63.32% (+2.17 points)
  2. Apple Safari - 13.13% (-1.35 points)
  3. Microsoft Edge - 10.75% (-0.03 points)
  4. Mozilla Firefox - 5.96% (-0.08 points)
  5. Opera - 4.51% (-0.8 points)
A chart showing market shares of popular browsers

The mobile side of the market is even less dynamic. Google Chrome and Safari hold almost 90% of all users, while Samsung Internet, Opera, UC Browser, and other alternatives share the rest. Microsoft Edge is nowhere near its primary competitors, with a puny 0.19% (+0.02 points) market share.

  1. Google Chrome - 64.81% (-0.01 points)
  2. Apple Safari - 24.76% (-0.07 points)
  3. Samsung Internet - 4.3% (unchanged)
  4. Opera - 1.95% (+0.19 points)
  5. UC Browser - 1.79% (-0.03 points)
A chart showing market shares of popular browsers

You can find more information and region or device-specific stats on the official Statcounter website. The previous report for June 2023 is available here.

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