Chrome is leaving Beta tag behind

Google's Chrome is going from strength to strength with new features being added in the nightly builds and being announced, so its no surprise that Google are considering dropping the beta tag for the software. Google's Vice President Marissa Mayer announced that Chrome was leaving the Beta to Michael Arrington from Techcrunch at Le Web 2008. What this means is that the browser will probably now be added to the Google pack and the Toolbar download.

Google recently have been trying to make all their services more usable via the Google Labs. Gmail has benefited from a video chat plugin that allows you to chat from your inbox live on webcam, another feature added was the addition to allow you to view your documents sent to you from Google's web Word Processor without having to leave the inbox. Interestingly from Google Lab's also comes their Native Client project which could be a future feature for the Chrome browser. One of the main features of the Native project is the ability to run applications from inside a browser, for example you could run an image processing program without having to use round trips to a server which would take time.

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