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Chrome will stop annoying Flash content by default; save you some battery life

Ever open up a webpage so Flash-heavy that your laptop starts heaving and your battery life goes out the window in an instant? Of course you have -- we all have. But Google wants to put an end to that experience with a future version of Chrome.

The latest Chrome beta feature is a new toggle that lets users select which Flash content will be automatically played and which content will not. The giant search engine company says it’s been working closely with Adobe to create this feature and make sure that only content that “isn’t central to the webpage” gets blocked. And in case something you’re interested in gets accidentally filtered then you can simply click on it to resume.

Besides the obvious annoyance factor, this feature might also improve battery life on mobile devices like laptops. At least that’s how Google is pitching it, though arguably this would’ve been a lot more useful a few years ago than today.

Still, it’s a nice feature that some will no doubt find useful. As mentioned above it’s already available in the latest Chrome Beta and it will be coming to stable desktop builds in the next few months.

Source: Chrome Blog via: Engagdet

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