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Civilization VI: Gathering Storm also brings the Inca with a strong mountain focus

Weekly new civilization reveals continue for the fourth week in a row with Firaxis today revealing the Inca for Civilization VI's upcoming Gathering Storm expansion. While Canada from last week is centered around utilizing snow terrain, this civilization is focused on mountains.

Just like in the previous game, the Incan Empire is being led by Pachacuti. His unique ability 'Qhapaq Ñan' generates extra food from trade routes from any mountain tiles present in the origin city's borders. He will also grant the expansion's new ability to make tunnels through mountains earlier than other civilizations, just by unlocking the Foreign Trade civic in the ancient era.

The civilization's unique improvement is the Terrace Farm, which can only be built on "Grassland, Desert, or Plains Hills." In addition to food, these hill farms can also provide production, housing, and other bonuses depending on adjacent tiles that house Aqueducts, fresh water, mountains, and even other Terrace Farms.

The Inca national ability "Mit'a" focuses even more on mountain tiles, where players can work them for extra production, while surrounding them with the aforementioned Terrace Farms generates extra food as well.

And arriving as the Inca's unique unit is the Warak'aq, a medieval era recon unit that has the ability to attack twice in a single turn, providing it still has movement points remaining in the turn.

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm is slated to launch on February 14 carrying the Inca as well as seven more civilizations. Head here to see all of the new features incoming with the expansion.

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