Comcast bandwidth throttling effective in all markets

Comcast is fighting back against what it calls excessive bandwidth users. The company confirmed that it has successfully deployed throttling technology to all its markets. Comcast claims that the technology is to help make everyone get the same experience and have equal opportunity to the bandwidth.

The throttling works in a manner that your data can be put in two classes; PBE (Priority Best-Effort) or BE (Best-Effort) with preference being PBE. This is determined by "sustained use of 70% of your up or downstream throughput triggers the BE state, at which point you'll find your traffic priority lowered until your usage drops to 50% of your provisioned upstream or downstream bandwidth for up to 15 minutes. A throttled Comcast user being placed in a BE state may or may not result in the user's traffic being delayed or, in extreme cases, dropped before PBE traffic is dropped." Essentially if your little brother decides to download the internet he will be placed into BE and experience much slower speeds to help spread the bandwidth out to other Comcast users.

On top of this throttling technology Comcast has also placed a 250 GB monthly cap for all users. If you exceed the 250 GB monthly cap your account can be terminated and you can be banned for using the Comcast service for up to one year.

Comcast is cracking down hard on heavy users of the internet. If you have Comcast and have experienced any of these barriers we would like to know your story!

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