Cool: Waterproof your iPhone or Galaxy S2 for just $15?

A company in Japan claims it can waterproof your iPhone 4(S) or Galaxy S2 up to around 32ft (10m) for just $38, they also have a lite version that sells for $15.

Made of polyurethane with a clear acrylic panel that covers the display, the Case Marine can be installed on an iPhone 4(S) or a Galaxy S2 in less than five seconds, and is only 0.25mm thick meaning a standard case can be used with it too. The $38 version completely covers the phone, while the $15 option covers most of the front and leaves much of the back and camera lens uncovered. The touchscreen is completely usable with the protection, and under water. An iPad version is also on the way and will set you back $50.

The technology isn't without some sort of limitation, making the device completely waterproof means the charger and headphone slots are also covered, but that's why the protection is easy to remove and reapply.  

Currently only available in Japan, we have to wonder if this technology could become a standard feature of smart devices the world over in the near future.

Butter fingers need not worry anymore!

Source: Gizmodo

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