Coship uncertain over future Windows 10 Mobile development; plans to crowdfund next handset

Last week, Coship posted to its Facebook page that while it has produced Windows phones for the "past years", it's beginning to reconsider. Indeed, Microsoft is killing off the Lumia brand and the market share of Windows 10 Mobile continues to shrink.

Instead of just releasing a new device, the company will gauge consumer interest on the popular crowdfunding site Indiegogo. The firm said the following on its Facebook:

We are a Microsoft Windows phone ODM and have produced a series of Windows 10 mobile smartphones for the markets for the past years. However, as you may know that Microsoft has already stopped the Lumia Windows phone and meanwhile, the Windows phone global market share is shrinking now. Therefore, we are suspecting if we should keep investment on the Windows phone development.

What is your idea? How do you think the experienced Windows phone users are still interested in the Windows phone?

Coship isn't the first company to have this idea. NuAns tried to do the same with its acclaimed Neo; however, by August, the company had failed its crowdfunding goal by a wide margin.

Coship is an original design manufacturer though. It doesn't just make its own branded phones, it provides them as a reference design for other companies, such as ARP Mobile, Freetel, Funker, Mouse Computer, and Yamada Denki. The upcoming Windows 10 Mobile device from WhartonBrooks seems to use a Coship design as well.

There is really no reason to believe that Coship will have better luck than NuAns did. The company doesn't have a very large fan-base, and more and more people are switching from a Windows phone to Android or iOS.


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