Crackdown 3 trailer revealed, with more Terry Crews than you could possibly handle

After a series of leaks and release dates being pushed to early next year, Crackdown 3, the open-world shooter and the third installment in the series, now has its official release trailer.

As unveiled previously, the protagonist in the game is to be voiced by actor/PC-building community hero/general all-round sweetheart Terry Crews, with this being reflected in the character model taking after him a little.

Crackdown 3 follows the adventures of a super soldier who aims to dismantle the various cartels and crime syndicates taking hold of their city, gaining power-ups and flashy new weapons in the process. The game makes use of Microsoft's Azure in order to achieve a completely destructible environment, making for a rather unique use-case for a cloud-based platform.

Crackdown 3 is, as of now, expected to release in February 2019 on the Xbox One and Windows 10.

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