Crysis Warhead performance in-depth

Roughly this time last year Crytek released the highly anticipated first-person shooter Crysis exclusively for the PC. Since then the game has been used as the prime benchmark for high-end graphics cards, with only a handful of them being able to conquer the title, delivering great frame rates using high quality settings.

In the meantime, Crytek has been working hard on a successor of the title called "Crysis Warhead". This new version of the game updates and refines the gameplay through a parallel story that follows Sergeant Michael "Psycho" Sykes. Crysis Warhead features new fully customizable weapons, vehicles, and enemies, along with new multiplayer content.

Our take on this article will be all about hardware performance considering it is based on an enhanced version of the CryEngine 2. Crytek claims this optimized version allows for enhanced performance. And so today we plan to find out exactly how Crysis Warhead performs using a range of previous and current generation graphics cards.

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