Dead Space remake's gameplay trailer returns Isaac to an overhauled Ishimura

Isaac Clark has another date with the new and improved USG Ishimura early next year in the Dead Space remake, and to show off its upgraded visuals, gameplay, and Necromorphs, EA and Motive today pushed out its debut gameplay trailer. Watch the 4K footage above.

Motive has been sharing in-depth development updates regarding the remake since its announcement back in 2021, but finally, fans can now see what the action horror project will look like when it comes out in January.

The new Dead Space will be retelling the original 2008-released game's storyline with improvements and extra content that was originally cut, additional gameplay updates with even more gore, as well as narrative side stories to expand on Nicole and other secondary characters. Isaac also has a speaking role here instead of being a silent protagonist.

Dead Space remake

Moreover, Motive has confirmed that the game will play as a single sequential shot from beginning to end without any cuts or loading screens for added tension and atmosphere. EA and DICE's Frostbite engine is what's powering all this.

Dead Space will be launching on January 27, 2023 across PC (EA App, Steam, Epic Games Store), Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 5. Pre-orders are open now. Developer Motive is also working on an Iron Man game with Marvel.

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