Despite denials, Anonymous likely behind cyber attacks on Sony

The hacker group known as Anonymous has publicly denied any involvement in the recent cyber attacks on Sony's online gaming servers. However it's still likely that one or more members of the group had a hand in the attacks, according to what two unnamed members of Anonymous told the Financial Times.

The story says that one Anonymous member saw details of a weakness in Sony's server network on one of Anonymous' chat rooms before the cyber attacks started. It quotes the source as saying that the person responsible for the attack was a supporter of Anonymous's previous efforts against Sony. That is in reference to a denial of service attack on Sony's Playstation Network several weeks which Anonymous did indeed take credit for.

The cyber attacks on Sony's Playstation Network servers caused the company to shut down the network on April 20. The attack also caused Sony to shut down the MMO servers for Sony Online Entertainment on Monday. Both divisions saw personal details of tens of millions of users exposed along with, officially, a small number of older credit card numbers on one of Sony Online's servers. Sony said it found evidence of a file with Anoymous' name and the words "We are Legion" in one server during its investigations.

Meanwhile rumors have already hit the Internet that another cyber attack against Sony is planned for sometime this weekend. This comes just as Sony says it is in the final stages of restoring at least part of the Playstation Network and bringing some of its services back online.

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