Detonator FX "bug" says exit, to the dragon

THE HARDWARE WORLD is talking about the so-called 3D Mark03 "bug" that tipped up as soon as Nvidia showed a new driver to the world. Writing software is not simple. This is not Nvidia's first time, nor like any software firm will it be the last, and we remember that we and our Croatian friends discovered blurred images in Nature scene on Geforce 4 TI500, and my favourite bug when Nvidia scored slower on 3Dmark01SE if you just turned off the title screens.

Now a set of French guys is claiming that Futuremark's dragon from 3Dmark01SE has been killed by some virtual Saint George, as Geforce FX 5600 Ultra simply does not render it. The French guys claim this affects Geforce FX 5600, and Geforce FX 5200 and one GeForce4 Ti 4600 while they haven't had other cards to try yet. The exit of the dragon happens if anisotropic is turned on and maybe Nvidia have a very successful anisotropic that can wipe out the nasty dragon because he spoils the picture.

In Nvidia's interpretation of this benchmark, a foxy lady rides the skies and this gives a whole new meaning to the word pixillated, as in Pixie...

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News source: The Inq

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