Devolver Digital has over a dozen Switch games coming this year

Nintendo is facing some fears from shareholders due to a lack of major game titles coming to its Nintendo Switch console over the next few months, but Devolver Digital seems to be chiming in to give the Japanese giant a hand.

The video game publisher revealed on Twitter that it has over a dozen games coming to Nintendo's hybrid console in 2018, a figure which includes back catalog titles as well as new and unannounced games.

Just a few days ago, it announced that side-scrolling shooter Broforce was making its way to the system, though a specific date wasn't given, and we also know that retro-inspired game The Messenger is coming to the platform. Back at E3, the company announced My Friend Pedro for PC and the Switch, but that game isn't coming until 2019, so there are still a lot of questions as to what games might be making their way to the hybrid system.

Nintendo's latest hardware effort has attracted the attention of many indie developers and games, which have flooded the console's eShop over the past year. Though some customers may be disappointed with the lack of major third-party titles, independent developers also have a significant fanbase, which the Japanese company is actively seeking to bring to its platform.

Source: Devolver Digital (Twitter) via Nintendo Everything

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