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Diablo IV: Season of the Construct begins Jan. 23 with a new quest, new dungeons and more

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Blizzard Entertainment has some new adventures planned for players of its hit fantasy action RPG Diablo IV very soon, Today, it announced the first details for Season 3, which has the title Season of the Construct.

In a blog post, Blizzard offered up the storyline at the center of the new quest for Season 3:

A new threat lurks deep beneath the sands of Kehjistan, where the Loom, an ancient technology—designed by Zoltun Kulle and Ayuzhan of Caldeum—has been usurped by the forces of evil. The Demon Malphas is responsible for twisting the Loom for his cruel whims. Zoltun’s former companion Ayuzhan leads you through the treacherous Vaults, desperate to stop the formidable Malphas and his deadly constructs from overtaking Sanctuary.

The Constructs in Season 3's title refer to spider-like magical mechanical beings that your character has to deal with. However, you won't be alone. Season 3 will offer you your own Construct companion, called a Seneschal. You have to collect Governing and Tuning Stones to be able to customize your new pal. It will attack monsters, help heal your wounds, and more. Of course, there will be new dungeons to explore and new enemies to deal with.

Later on in Season 3, a new feature called The Gauntlet, will be added. It will give players a new dungeon to go through every week and players will be competing to be at the top of this leaderboard.

Besides the all-new content in Season 3, there will also be some new features and improvements made for all of Diablo IV. One of them is specifically for PC gamers as players will be able to use the classic PC gaming keyboard keys of W-A-S-D to move through the game, instead of only being able to use the mouse. This will likely be a welcome addition for hardcore PC players. Diablo IV: Season of the Construct will begin on January 23.

Speaking of the PC version, Diablo IV will release a patch in March 2024 that will add ray tracing effects to the game.

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