Ear damage by MP3, DVD and digital television?

Do you ever wonder about how the way you currently live is going to affect you in later life? This sure does make you think...

"Nowadays technologies for lossy data compression of digital audio recordings get widely used in more and more applications. This way methods like MP3, WMA, MPEG and ATTRAC are not only used for memory saving music downloads through the internet and comfortable use on portable players, but they are also employed for background musics in modern videogames and already today they are used in ordinary radio stations to store all kinds of audio material on harddisks to permit comfortable access for broadcast. Due to such technologies are also employed in DVD films and all other common digital video systems (those e.g. are used for TV broadcasting), and because it is even planned to replace soon the entire analogue television system with digital TV (DVB) that is based on these technologies, it is strictly necessary to precisely research on the health risks of modern data compression methods... "

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