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Elon Musk hints that Twitter deal may close on Friday

Elon Musk smiling with a Twitter and tick icons with cash piles at the bottom

In recent calls to bankers who are helping to fund Elon Musk's turbulent deal to acquire Twitter, the owner of Tesla has pledged to close the acquisition by Friday. In recent months since Musk originally announced plans to purchase the social media site, there has been a lot of back and forth over whether the deal will actually go ahead, with a date for the deal to be taken to court set, and attempts by Musk to withdraw from the deal completely.

Even though Musk has indicated to his key financial partners that the deal will be completed by Friday, he has little choice in the matter unless he wishes to face the court in the trial, which was delayed until November. As such, the deal has to be sealed by Friday to avoid this.

However, it seems like Meta and Google have caused the most turbulence around the acquisition, with staff who have looked to jump ship being scooped up by both companies. It's reported that approximately 1,100 of the 7,500 strong workforce have left since the initial news broke that Musk was looking to buy the company.

At the moment, Elon Musk, nor Twitter, have commented on these recent reports.

Sources: Bloomberg, Business Insider, CNN

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