Platforms like HubSpot eye ex-Twitter employees while firing shots at Musk's leadership

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The Twitter and Elon Musk drama has to make it to this year’s highlights among the main topics of discussion. Since completing his Twitter acquisition, Musk has made quite the changes on the platform, including giving a verified blue tick for $8 only and a layoff of more than half its employees.

Seeing the social media company in shambles, it is no surprise its competitors would take note and begin promoting their platforms. According to Reuters, tech companies like Hubspot and CoderPad took advantage of Musk’s decision to lay off Twitter’s employees and invited them to join their companies. A few weeks ago, Twitter was sued for laying off 3700 employees without a proper warning, which is ideally given 60 days before termination.

Not only did the layoffs affect Twitter’s reputation, but many companies also pulled their ads from the platform, causing an alarming decline in Twitter’s ad revenue. HubSpot’s chief people officer, Katie Burke, commented on Twitter’s decision to fire employees after they had supposedly criticized the company’s internal channels on Slack. The LinkedIn post received 35,000+ positive reactions as of late Monday. She mentioned:

“As a leader, getting criticized is part of your job. Great leaders recognize debate and disagreement makes you better and is part of the process. If you want a place where you can disagree (in a kind, clear manner of course) with people, HubSpot is hiring."

Amanda Richardson, the CEO of Coderpad – an interview platform and recruitment software – wrote an open letter addressing Twitter’s employees after Musk’s ban on remote working. She described the work environment as “terribly frustrating, depressing, and demotivating.” She added that Coderpad values employees’ skills more than the locations they work from.

Furthermore, the CEO of Calix, Michael Weening, wrote a similar post on LinkedIn advertising the company’s corporate culture that the recruits would enjoy. Calix is a software platform and cloud service provider in the U.S. Additionally, earlier this month, a million users deactivated their Twitter accounts following Musk's acquisition, whereas Twitter's alternate Hive, hit a million users. The recent developments have yet to be acknowledged and responded to by Musk and Twitter.

Via Reuters

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