Episode 28: Microsoft vs. the EU, Second Life and More!

This week

Kristin, Derek and Brad discuss Microsoft's ongoing embroilment with the European Union over monopolistic practices, and the Senate considers the fairness of the way the Internet is currently run, i.e., a small number of companies have a disproportionate share of the burden of bandwidth. It's a complicated issue and the PowerUser team calls on their listeners for suggestions.

Also, Skype may soon be available on cell phones, and Motorola proposes allowing people to use their cell phone as a credit card, prompting Kristin to throw down Revelations and run for the hills.

'Second Life' offers, well, a second life to its online community. Virtually everything you could wish for, even a real-world income (pun intended). Brad provides us with a belly laugh as he talks about the early days of MMO's. Also, is Take Two going to be sold?

And finally, the moment you've all been waiting for (drum roll) Jack Thompson gets his wish as a game developer actually makes the ultra-violent video game he proposed.

The group also takes a call from Marcus in Alaska who asks about some Vista rumors he heard. Listen now to find out if you, too, can win a free version of the PowerUser.tv home game!

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