Exploring the unique software features on the BlackBerry Motion

Most handset manufacturers like to put their own twist on the OS when it comes to Android. BlackBerry is no exception but it chooses to add subtle improvements that can aid the OS when it comes security and convenience. While the unboxing went over the more general aspects of the phone, today we will explore the aforementioned software features that make this handset unique among its peers.

The Productivity Tab, Privacy Shade, Password Keeper are just some of the additions. But the firm has also made sure that it offers a hardware convenience key that can be assigned to pull up an app in the blink of an eye or set up a specific profile mode. The Productivity Tab can prove useful for someone that wants quick access to contacts, calender entries, and more. The Privacy Shade can prevent those with prying eyes from seeing the information that is displayed on your screen, while the locker option will seal your most sensitive data behind a customized password, adding an extra layer of protection. Some of these ideas aren't unique but its good that a company known for its security hasn't lost its way just because it utilizes Android for its OS.

So far, the BlackBerry Motion is turning out to be a pretty solid handset. The only problem that comes to mind is the price. While there isn't anything wrong with spending $449 for a smartphone, the competition is fierce, with the likes of OnePlus and Xiaomi offering more bang for the buck.

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