First Microsoft ad for acquired Nokia division touts not being 'like everybody else'

Microsoft has released the first ad for the mobile division it just acquired from Nokia, highlighting the unique design and color of its smartphones.

The ad, seen here, shows a man walking down a street in colorful attire as passersby are struck by his Lumia smartphone's appearance. Nokia's name or logo aren't seen anywhere in the ad, which is titled "Not Like Everybody Else," possibly hinting that Microsoft may get rid of the brand sooner rather than later. Microsoft has the option to brand entry-level mobile phones under Nokia's name for up to 10 years, while it licensed the brand for smartphones "for some time," according to a Microsoft statement.

Nokia's Lumia 2550 tablet is seen at the end of the ad, which could indicate it won't be scrapped anytime soon in favor of the Surface line, as some had theorized.

Notably, Microsoft released the ad on Nokia's YouTube account and not its own. As part of the terms of their transaction, Microsoft will operate Nokia's website and social media accounts for up to a year.

The full extent of Nokia's former Devices and Services division becoming integrated into Microsoft isn't expected to be seen for anywhere from a year to two years, as the company works out decisions on branding. The division is now known as Microsoft Mobile for legal purposes, but it's still not clear if it will receive a new brand name going forward. Microsoft's smartphones will likely be seen under the Nokia brand until a choice is made.

Source: Nokia (YouTube) via The Verge

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