First Mobile Picture Messaging Virus Uncovered

F-Secure is warning of the first mobile phone virus transmitted via MMS - mainly used for picture messaging for mobiles. The virus, Commwarrior, is the first which can be sent from phone to phone in this way, potentially opening them up for worldwide infection. Earlier mobile viruses were only sent via Bluetooth, infected nearby phones.

It appears the new virus came from Russia. It contains the text "OTMOP03KAM HET!", which F-Secure says translates as "No to braindeads". Symantec, meanwhile, is reporting a low threat from the worm. The virus affects Symbian Series 60 phones and isn't believed to be spreading at the moment. Message subjects include "Norton AntiVirus", "Official Symbian desctop manager.", or the required "Free SEX!".

Although it isn't spreading much at the moment, the appearance of the virus is worrying some analysts as it potentially opens up the possibility of much more dangerous worms. The current one simply creates some files and sends itself on without - apparently - doing much damage on the way.

View: F-Secure | Symantec analysis

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