Free Destiny demo with transferable characters now available on all consoles

Destiny has been one of the most heavily marketed games of the year, being a new IP from Bungie, makers of the ever popular Halo series. However the game has had a mixed reaction upon release so many of you might still be on the fence about buying. But fear not, starting today you can try out the game for free and your character will come along if you decide to purchase the full version.

The news comes directly from Bungie, who announced the program on their support forums. Destiny Trial and Demo – same thing just different names – are available on whichever console you prefer PlayStation 3 or 4 and Xbox One and 360. If you finish the demo and decide to purchase the game your character will transfer to the full purchased version even if that’s on a different console – but not a different console family. Meaning you can transfer your 360 character to the Xbox One, but not to a PlayStation.

Destiny has previously had a free play period for users to check out the game back when it was still in beta. However despite original promises and/or speculation, beta characters never became transferable, so many folks had to start the game over.

What do you think, are you willing to give the game a try now that there’s a free trial or are you sticking with the newly re-released GTA V?

Source: Bungie via: Engadget | Image courtesy of Bungie

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