Frictional Games announces Amnesia: Rebirth for PC and PlayStation 4

Frictional Games' Amnesia: The Dark Descent is commonly regarded as one of the best games in the horror genre, and now, 10 years later, the developer is returning to make a sequel. Announced today and appropriately dubbed Amnesia: Rebirth, the new storyline will take place in the Algerian desert featuring a brand new protagonist. It is set in the same universe as the original title and is planned to release later this year.

This time players will be taking the role of Tasi Trianon and she tries to avoid the series' staple monstrosities while trying to put together what exactly is going on. According to the developer, Rebirth will be a "harrowing journey through devastation and despair, personal terror and pain, while exploring the limits of human resilience."

On the gameplay side, the first-person horror experience will have exploration elements, puzzles, resource management, and plenty of hiding. The game description reads:

You can’t let out a breath. The creature is only inches away. Its sole purpose – to feed off your terror. And so you crouch in the dark, trying to stop the fear rising, trying to silence what lies within you.

Retracing Tasi’s journey and pulling together the fragments of a shattered past will be the only chance to survive the pitiless horror that threatens to devour you. Time is against you. Still, you must continue, step by step, knowing that if you fail you will lose everything.

Frictional Games published an indirect sequel to Amnesia: The Dark Descent in 2013 named A Machine for Pigs, developed by The Chinese Room. But this new venture is being developed in-house by the acclaimed studio.

Amnesia: Rebirth is slated to launch in autumn this year for Windows, Linux, and macOS systems via Steam as well as PlayStation 4. As for other platforms, the original game also had a staggered launch that saw Xbox One and Switch versions release later, so we might be seeing a repeat of that.

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