Galaxy Note 4 isn't as bendable as the iPhone 6 Plus

There was a lot of commotion on the Internet when reports began surfacing about the "bendability" of the first Apple phablet, the iPhone 6 Plus. The company even made things worse by revoking access from a popular magazine that reported on the issue. Now that #bendgate is upon us, people are trying to bend different types of phones to see which devices are the strongest.

The most obvious phone to compare the iPhone 6 Plus to is the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, and one user has done just that. In the video, the user states that the old Note 3 was very durable, so he wanted to check how the latest Samsung smartphone held up, as well as wanting to compare it to Apple's offering.

After putting a lot of stress on  the phone, he was indeed able to bend the Galaxy Note 4 a bit, and in the same spot as the iPhone 6 Plus. However, he had to put a lot of pressure on the phone, much more than the iPhone, and the bending was nowhere near as severe; he was also able to bend it back pretty easily.

So it looks like the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is more rigid than the iPhone 6 Plus. However, Samsung has their own scandal to deal with: Gapgate. It's also interesting to note that the Galaxy Note 3 didn't bend; maybe there's something to Samsung's use of polycarbonates?

Source: Youtube

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